I have had the distinct pleasure of making music for years now. Sometimes it's my full time job; other times I've had to supplement my income with part-time or even full time jobs. It hasn't been easy. There are gazillions of times I got home from a gig or a tour or EUROPE at 2 or 3 in the morning and had to get up at 6 to go earn the bacon.


I've had almost record deals that broke my heart and I've sung for 30,000 people and not been able to sleep for days from the shear excitement. Roller coaster doesn't begin to describe it.


The thing that has kept me going is the intense joy I feel when I get to sing and perform live. There are also some amazing people I've had the opportunity to work with - that is always inspiring. People like Celine Dion, Thomas Dolby, Casey Kelly, Todd Cerney, Jack and Diane, Wood Newton, Ron Oates, David Gleeson, Mike Bradley, Tom Corwin, Steve Seskin or Walter Afanasieff...and that ain't the half of them...really...I've been so lucky.


Thanks for listening and sharing my journey. There's more music to come and more names to add to the list of angels above. Stay tuned.




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